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Using the best and newest equipment, with properly balanced and sharpened blades. Utilizing best practices of mowing patterns, ensuring that we vary our mowing pattern, and finally adjusting cutting height. We mulch each and every yard to eliminate adding grass clippings to landfills, and we mulch to replace the nutrients in your yard. We can promise the impeccable quality of your yard from week to week.

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Tulsa Lawn Care |Clean Job Sites


After we have mowed your yard in the best fashion possible. We clean up after ourselves, And make sure that we do not leave grass clippings all over the neighborhood. We make sure that we leave your property in better condition, and cleaner, than when we arrived.

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Tulsa Lawn Care | Weed Control


We are in and out. We are able to keep your costs down by our efficiency. We are on to the next one so that next week we can come back, on time and on schedule, to keep your yard looking stunning. We plan around the inconsistent Oklahoma weather to make sure that your lawn is in tip top shape week to week.

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The Living Water Lawn Difference

We are obsessed with people, we focus on customer experience. We do not follow the norm for Lawn Mowing Tulsa. From the first contact to a lifelong customer, our aim is to “WOW”! This is not a part time job to our team. Your yard is valuable to us. We are not working around another schedule to hope that we can mow your yard. We guarantee our schedule, regardless of weather, your yard will be manicured weekly.

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Who We Are

Living Water Lawns is the premier choice for Tulsa Lawn Mowing because of our team. From the first contact with our amazing office staff. To the conversation with the estimator, to our fieldworkers professionally mowing your yard. And finally, on to our billing and follow up processes. Everything at Living Water Lawns is focused around providing the greatest “WOW” experience possible!

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At Living Water Lawns we put the “AW” in lawns. We are happy to provide your first lawn mowing service for just $1 because we know that you will love the service so much you’ll come back time and time again!

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