Welcome to our portfolio! We are proud to display all the examples of what makes us the best Tulsa lawn mowing company! When you come try out Living Water Lawns, you get to enjoy the benefits of more than a decade of experience in professional lawn care! Lawn care is in our blood, and customer service and satisfaction is in our hearts! You’ll never be disappointed with our ability to fulfill your requests, and take all stress off of your mind. 


We are a Tulsa lawn mowing company offering you help with any service your lawn requires. Our specialty is the grass, but we do so much more! We offer the area’s best mowing, weedeating, edging, blowing, leaf maintenance, leaf cleanups, spring cleanups, pruning, hedge trimming, landscaping, weed maintenance, sod installation, snow removal etc. Almost anything you can think of we can help you with. If you don’t have the lawn you want, we are equipped and trained to come and make your lawn the best looking one on the block! And once you have the lawn of your dreams, our passion is to help you and maintain it for you so you get to have your weekends back! No more missing the Sooners football games because you have to trim the hedges! No more skipping your kids soccer games on sundays so that you can pull all of the weeds in the flower beds! There’s no need for that. 


When you sing on with us there’s no more waiting all week and wondering when your lawn care guys will finally show up. When we set your schedule we stick to your day of the week, and if it rains us out, well we will call you and let you know when we will be out there! Don’t worry about strangers showing up on the wrong day and letting your dogs out, or waking your kids up at nap time. Our schedules are reliable and our commitments are sure! Satisfaction guaranteed! That’s what makes us the Tulsa Lawn mowing king! We aren’t just a one season service either. Gone are the days of hiring a teenager who is making money for a couple months, then having to look for another the next year or maybe sooner if your neighborhood teenager goes on vacation. We work year round to take care of your needs, and we’ll be right there in the next spring when the grass starts growing again. 


Just because we call ourselves the best Tulsa lawn mowing company doesn’t mean we only service Tulsa. We also service all the surrounding areas such as Owasso, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Bixby, Jenks, Glenpool, Sapulpa, Catoosa, Sand Springs and more! So don’t think that we can’t help you just because you’re outside of Tulsa! Even if you think you’re too far out, don’t be afraid to ask! We’re always expanding. We may be coming to your neighborhood next, or better yet, we may already be there!


One thing we pride ourselves on is expectations. We know that our customers have high expectations of us, and we enjoy surpassing them! When you call Living water lawns, the best tulsa lawn mowing service, we will take the time to get to know you and make sure we understand exactly what you want for your lawn. What we want is for you to take pride in your outdoor spaces so that you’re not afraid for your car to be seen out front, and even better, you love going outside to play and spend time in your beautiful landscape. Play football with the kids, grill for your friends and family on game day, have outdoor block parties—socially distanced of course if you’re into that sort of thing—but most importantly take pride in your property and enjoy it. And stop wasting your own limited time, doing a limited quality job with limited experience and limited knowledge. What’s your time worth? Well hire us, and then you’re free to find out, and do whatever you want with it (or whatever your wife wants). 


Now let’s get down to the important stuff. How do we do what we do? How do you know we’re not going to come and make a mess of your lawn and landscaping like the neighbors son did. Well we use only the best equipment first of all, and we make sure our blades are sharp and ready to go so we cut your grass and don’t tear it, leading to unhealthy lawns and poor growth and feeding of the grass. We also will be changing up the patterns of cutting to make sure we’re not leaving ruts and makes in your yard from the same old mowing paths over and over. We weedeat the right way with the finesse of over a decade of experience, so we can give you that difference maker trimming, and not scalping your lawn around the edges. Then to set us apart and give your lawn that beautiful clean look we will put a perfect edge on along your driveway, walkways, and curbs and concrete. But then this is where people still go wrong. No matter how good and clean you cut it, if you don’t blow all the grass clippings off the concrete and out of the clean edges, it looks even worse than when you started. It’s sloppy, lazy and unacceptable. This is what sets us apart. And let’s not forget your landscaping. We have greased and sharpened shears and pruners ready to perfectly manicure your hedges, shrubs, and ornamentals. We can also put you on a weed maintenance schedule when we come and cut, to make sure the clean beds are maintained. All this and more is why we are the tulsa lawn mowing king!!


Don’t wait any longer. Call us today to take advantage of our special offer! Your first lawn mowing is only $1 for an acre or less and you also get a free sprinkler system diagnostic check. It’s a no brainer! And all of this is commitment free. No strings attached! You don’t have to sign any ongoing service agreement to take advantage of this offer! If you hate us you can kick us off your property but we have a feeling you’re going to love it.