Giving Back

Living Water Lawns believe that we are blessed so that we may bless others. We accomplish this in a very practical way. Simply put, $1 from the proceeds, every time we mow your yard will be donated to a non-profit of your choice. This counts for all Tulsa lawns. Each client has the option to select from three charities; John 3:16, Fight for the Forgotten and Family Hope House where we will make a weekly donation on a consistent basis. If you would like to submit to a different charity, please feel free to reach out to us.

We understand how important giving back can be. It can be very impactful for a business to give back and encouraging others to give back as well. Being business owners, we have the power to decide what we want to do with part of the proceeds we receive from serving you, our amazing clients. Ultimately, we knew that if we felt charitable contributions in our own life were necessary and good, why weren’t we implementing this into our business. And so the idea was born. If you could give back using a task that you are already doing either way, wouldn’t this be a win-win-for everyone involved?

As business owners, we are able to create a culture promoting giving back to our community and the world around us. But as business owners, we also must think of our employees. Employees are most likely to feel engaged and realize that the business really does stand on the core values presented when that company gives back and actually practices the core values they teach. While they are out and about mowing Tulsa lawns, they know they are able to give back to a cause larger than themselves.

For the nonprofit organizations we donate to, or any future charities requested by clients, this is a major benefit. This is a way to help them increase residual income so they can complete their missions. Nonprofits typically appreciate business like ours contributing every little bit that we can to their cause.

Giving back serves a purpose. It feels incredible knowing everything we do counts toward something. Those who have a mission in life and a purpose, live happier and healthier lives. We know this to be true. As you know, we are unapologetically, a Christian-based, family-owned-and-operated company with established core values. We know how much we value donating and giving back to the world, we like to encourage our customers to have the option as well while we mow their Tulsa lawns.

We give back to the following charities:

John 3:16 Mission

John 3:16 is a ministry set up with a mission of Reclaiming Lives; Restoring Hope. There are a multitude of resources for those seeking help at the mission. John 3:16 provides shelter, family and youth centers, They even offer restoration services to help those seeking assistance when rebuilding and designing a better life for themselves.

John 3:16 is a biblical company shining light through hospitality, kindness and generosity.


Fight For the Forgotten

Fight for the Forgotten has a mission to defeat love with hate. Fight for the Forgotten is fighting to defeat worldwide bullying with their Heroes in Waiting Campaign promoting anti-bullying education and resources for those bullied. Fight for the Forgotten also installs water wells in Uganda to sustain life for those recently rescued by Fight for the Forgotten from the ultimate form of bullying – slavery.

Help defeat the worldwide spread of bullying. Help save a life.


Family Hope House

Family Hope House is a therapy group. They specialize in fostering, adopting and traumatized children. They specialize in building foster, adoptive and biological families create a healthier environment amongst families.

Help reduce the financial burden by providing proper expert guidance to families during, what may sometimes be their most desperate attempt to stay together.

Developing a Culture With Our Team

Our desire as a company is to grow and develop people. Every member of our team is an asset to us. Each and every day we pour into the lives of our team to help them to grow beyond their current state and into the absolute greatest they can be. We have that same passion for our community and everyone we serve. The passion to love on people and to truly care about each and every interaction we have with our customers, employees and our local community.

Our employees see our passion and what we do. They are around the culture we intentionally set for our brand, our organization, the infrastructure and in any interaction with team members or customers. Our team diligently implements the same core values we enforce at every job, every time.

Living Water Lawns is a company with core values that can not be swayed. We give back. We influence. We act with integrity. We stick to our word. Yes — We are the outliers, not only in lawn care for Tulsa lawns, but also in most industries. Living Water Irrigation,our sister company, is a great example of our core values successfully sustaining the test of time with a company sticking to their core values.

Not Just Lawn Care

For most people, lawn care is just lawn care. It’s mowing Tulsa lawns. For us, it is a means to an end. We know that our business is meant to create more than just excellent services while cutting grass. Our business is meant to help make a difference in the world and that is what we will continue to do. Many companies promote give back programs. Few allow you the flexibility to not only choose, but also provide 3 excellent charitable options as well.

We Give Back to YOU Too!

Mowing your lawn is something you are already doing. Give the time back to yourself with your family while also contributing to a cause greater than yourself. That’s the value we bring to Tulsa lawns all around. We truly are committed to being the different lawn care provider you never knew you needed. The whole reason for Living Water Lawns is our ability to give back to the community. That includes, you, our next client. Time is the most precious give of all. If we can give you time back with your family, this is one of the greatest give back portions of our job we love the most.